So many times people have said a job is a job but how true is that? The most important question is how much are people willing to do in order to get paid? How far will people go to get food on the table? How much shall one be compromised willingly in order to get money? Well, that is a question whose answer is far from being discovered. The most shocking news is that some people will stop at nothing in order to get money.

A century or two ago, morality was such an important starting point in choosing what one wanted to do with their lives. If you are asking whether anything has changed, then the answer is yes. A lot has changed. People will go as far as killing other people for money. That job description being a mercenary. If a title was developed for them, then they make it very appealing. You could have heard of such titles as; wet work architect, contractor, plot consultant and many more. Apologies if some of those match other genuine titles. It is so sad people can go to such depths to earn a living.

The cemetery watchmen have been attacked severally by people with intentions of stealing coffins. This is, ethically speaking very unacceptable. In fact, it is totally despicable. The only thing these people can be told is to reflect on the moral aspect of that ‘job’. It would be very sad to know that people could be so detached with their morals.

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    June 2012